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    Hi, My name is Colette. I'm a sexual revolutionist.

    Sexual revolutionist:

    A revolutionist is someone who wants to change the world. My Sexual Revolutionism entails bringing sexual conversations out into the world with a hefty dose of honesty, curiosity, and enthusiasm. Join the movement and learn how you too can be a revolutionist. 

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    Well, I found my pleasure body at the age of 11…so since 1979, I’ve been a VERY vocal Revolutionist for masturbation and all things sexual within my relationships, friendships, and partnerships. I’m passionate about Transformation and hacking life to be a delicious journey of pleasure and enjoyment.

    I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1999 which has allowed me the freedom to create many businesses. One of them was Circular Sensuality; a sex toy company that sold exclusively to women who sat in circle together. That company was built on my deep intention of creating an educational round table where we all learned from each other. It was magical.

    Currently, I’m a Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™ and am thrilled to bring this framework to the world at large, as it’s an amazing tool to assist you in understanding yourself and your sexual partners in ways you never knew possible.

    It is my intention to support and inspire folks in regards to their sexual and sensual selves in a safe, respectful container of care. Inside that container, we will prioritize pleasure in a way that you never have before.

    What’s also important for you to know about me is that I LOVE to mix learning with laughter, and lots of it! You’ll find some small bits of humor sprinkled throughout my site to give you a sense of how I roll. It’s a blend of playful seriousness in the face of what can sometimes be an awkward and uncomfortable topic. 

    Life is hard, and then it’s not, and then it is again. It’s my belief that laughter can help move us through those transitions in ways that lighten our perceptions and experiences.

    The Erotic Blueprints™ can be compared to The 5 Languages of Love which is described in detail in the book written by Gary Chapman. Chapman has created a wildly helpful tool to understand about yourself and your partner, in regard to how you each like to give or receive love.
    The 5 different languages are: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

    The Erotic Blueprints on the other hand are all about understanding how you like to give and receive sexual pleasure and touch. Think of it as your GPS system for all things erotic.
    The 5 different Blueprints are: Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky, and Shapeshifter (which a solid blend of all of them). Each Blueprint has it’s own characteristics, shadows, and superpowers that we’ll dive further into as we learn what your Blueprint is and how you currently dance with it.

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